The Immersion program is tested by different students, who have improved their language fluency through intensive individual instruction 8 hours per day, over a period of 2 to 6 weeks. The program develops rapidly in the student skills to think and speak in their new language.

Along with their instructors, the student handles exercises based on questions and answers to develop fluency and understanding of the target language. To maintain continuity and flow of instruction, food is provided at a nearby restaurant, thus creating the opportunity to continue the practice of the new language in a casual environment.

During the week and periodically, the student participates in role-plays to have conversations without seeing their partner and once they master the basics, the vocabulary is customized to include specific business terminology and any special requirements of the student.

Immersion graduates will be sure to obtain the most effective language training possible. Therefore, they are ready and should feel confident to face any new challenge with the language studied.