Berlitz offers a professional and accurate translation of documents, with the assurance that the information contained therein is confidential and delivered to the Customer at the time agreed.

Furthermore, interpretation services have the technology necessary for the efficient communication between people or during international events encouraging interaction between participants by eliminating the language barrier.

Translation of documents

Berlitz offers professional translation services to and from most of the world's languages. Our team of professional translators places Berlitz in the ideal position to handle your translation needs effectively.

Your document will be assigned to a translator with the exact qualities to ensure a first class translation. The translated document will be carefully reviewed and edited by a project manager with a high level of quality, accuracy and specific style.

Complete confidentiality of your documents is fully insured

We offer:

  • Certified translation by an expert.
  • Translation of general documents.
  • Translation of specialized documents.
  • Proofreading.