Through our affiliate Training Management Corporation (TMC), one of the leading cultural consulting companies in the world, Berlitz® offers a wide variety of programs to develop global talent, designed to help employees, team leaders and managers to work and occupy a leading position in the multicultural business environment. This includes counseling and courses, online tools and resources.

Doing business in global markets

Help your employees face the challenge of doing business globally in specific countries or regions. These programs prepare the executives, directors and employees with practical knowledge to improve their intercultural skills.  

Improve performance of global team

When team members understand the cultural assumptions of others, they can use them to enhance their performance. This occurs in international teams with reduced or no face to face interaction. The programs support the team work and help the leaders encourage and motivate multicultural teams and improve communication. 


Promote an inclusive environment 

The diversity in work teams is a significant organizational strength that carries certain challenges.  Programs on valuing diversity and inclusive leadership help to understand the impact of multiculturalism in the company and acquire the skills needed to include all the individual contributions. The company then uses these differences and similarities to maximize performance.

Develop cultural competence

The Cultural Orientation course can help employees and managers to develop the skills necessary to work and occupy a leading position in the global environment. The program is based on Cultural Orientations Model, which provides a systematic approach to understanding cultural differences. Explore the national profiles and other social centers (family, company) that influence thinking and individual behavior. With this knowledge, employees can enhance their credibility, communication, relationships and collaboration.