Currently, developing and implementing business strategies, plans and initiatives between different stakeholders is a critical factor in business performance. In this environment, leaders need a global perspective and higher capacities to respond to the challenges presented by the changing markets.
Global Orientations is a leadership immersion program, focused on specific business areas that provide interactive learning opportunities and experiential, ideal for managers and executives seeking:

  • Gain a practical understanding on specific markets and leadership challenges.
  • To strengthen specific skills and cultural global leadership.
  • Design and implement competitive strategies.

Executives identify specific opportunities to deliver results under challenging circumstances in an overview. Depending on individual goals, you can participate in one or more programs of Global Orientations for a relevant development experience.

The Berlitz advantage

We do not "teach" leadership, we facilitate the discovery of the same, based on realities through solving cases. At Berlitz we focus on:

  • Build practical skills in the global leaders through a method.
  • Combine academic knowledge and real-life challenges, to customize the learning experience to the needs of individual development.
  • Create an immersion based on reality, through the worldwide resources Berlitz possesses.


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