Today, when companies face competitive and international world, any advantage where you can highlight your company is relevant. Berlitz offers a full range of programs of Global Leadership Courses to strengthen intercultural capabilities of your business. The Berlitz Global Leadership programs can help your organization develop a global talent, improve communication between employees worldwide and facilitate transitions for employees relocating abroad, among other things.

Upon choosing Berlitz, you obtain:

  • Professional Facilitators.
  • Access to research studies and updated contents.
  • Quality Homogeneous Service worldwide.
  • Content according to your needs and specific for each country.
  • Patent Tools, within those, the Cultural Navigator and the Cultural Orientations Indicator® (COI).
  • Multiple teaching methods: in person, online and combined.
  • Information about the students' progress.

Programs according to the needs of your organization

Our programs address the three components that affect the employee's performance when doing business abroad:
corporate culture, national culture and individual perspective.

The following training programs exist:

Global Talent Development
Prepare your employees to work and occupy a leadership position in the multicultural corporate environment.
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Relocation Course
Provide support to employees and family in international assignments to ensure a successful transition.
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Global leaders program
Transform your executives into global leaders that can make your business grow in the international market.
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