Berlitz can work with you to form a single employee or your entire company. The Berlitz® Method, introduced over 130 years ago, changed the way of teaching languages. Since then, millions of people around the world have learned to speak new languages through this conversational methodology. Based on listening and speaking, this method is the most natural way to learn a language.

Berlitz also offers the possibility of standardized tests to evaluate the 4 skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing and this way measure student progress or also for candidates in selection process.

Homogeneous quality worldwide

Berlitz has language courses at all levels, from beginner to professional. Their instructors, who have a solid background and native language domain, convey trust in their students to speak and understand the new language. Berlitz offers:

  • Homogeneous quality service worldwide.
  • Contents designed to measure vocabulary adapted to your needs.
  • Reports and monitoring of student progress to measure return of investment.

Multiple ways of teaching

Berlitz offers language training programs and cultural training when and where you need them.

We have the following teaching methods:

Total Immersion
Intensive Course to learn or improve a language from one to three weeks.
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Business Charter
Business program with executives and objectives of your own business
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Private Courses
Individual and personalized program to learn at your own pace.
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Berlitz Virtual Classroom®
Real-time classes online, taught by a professor and accessible from anywhere.
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Cyber Teacher
Most innovative e-learning program in the world.

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