An effective course on international relocation can have a positive impact on the success of employees and the company. The Berlitz® relocation programs are designed to help employees and their families to achieve a successful transition. These programs provide employees a deeper understanding of the cultural values of the country of destination, beliefs and behaviors. Participants also gain an understanding of the business and social protocols needed to bridge the cultural gap.

Customized Content

The programs are customized to prepare transferees and their families to live and work in a new country. Understand the corporate culture, national culture and individual perspective can help minimize culture shock and adapt more easily develop the communication skills necessary to be effective. The programs incorporate the Cultural Navigator, which provides a timely and comprehensive view on issues related to global business and culture; the Cultural Orientations Indicator® (COI), which provides a statistical evaluation of the cultural preferences of the participants.

Return of employees transferred to their country of origin

The Berlitz® repatriation programs maximize your company's investment by helping employees to return home to manage the transition. The programs also allow you to include the skills and the newly acquired global knowledge in the office of origin.