With Private Courses learn or improve a language in a personalized pace and time that suits you, with custom content and vocabulary according to your goals, dedicating half the time to speak the language, and the other, to listen to it.

The traditional language teaching offers and effective learning experience. With more than 50 languages, the Berlitz® Courses are taught in our more than 550 language centers worldwide.


With our Semi-Private courses students will have the benefit of attention and individualized program flexibility in an environment of interaction with classmates who share the same interest.

In small groups of 3 to 5 students, they will enjoy interaction and practice with other students, while receiving more individual attention. By this means, the student will have even more practice time per class. Class schedules can be chosen within the availability of its Berlitz ® center and also exchange class days with prior notice. Ideal for people who want to study together and share the same level and social or professional interest.