As an HR manager, I would like to share some tips so that potential employers don't put your resume in the reject pile. Think of it from a company's perspective; if you can't complete your English resume in accordance with the English standard, what reason does an employer have to assume you will complete your job to their satisfaction? These tips will help you find a job that suits your skills and aspirations:

  • Be mindful of grammar and wording.

    If you can't get the grammar right, then your resume is all but guaranteed a place in the reject pile. You should also use active verbs when describing your previous work and academic experience. For example, write "managed an international team" rather than "was manager of an international team".
  • Customize your resume to the job.

    I will know if you submit a generic resume and will assume you really aren't interested in the job. Include information that is relevant to the position you are applying for and show me that you have done your research.
  • Explain your goals.

    Companies like it when your goals align with their needs. Highlighting what you expect to gain and contribute in the company increases the attractiveness of your resume.
  • Use a simple format.

    With numerous similar documents passing over their desks, HR managers find complicated formats unappealing. My attention should be on your merits and not on the format you chose, so keep it simple and win me over with your content.
  • Check, check, and check again.

    You need to go over your resume and cover letter several times before you submit it. I also recommend having a friend or colleague read it, as a second set of eyes will catch little details you might have missed. I really cannot overstress the importance of double and triple checking your resume.

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