With more than 130 years of experience, Berlitz is a leader in language instruction and intercultural training; offering the widest range of programs to develop world-class executive leadership skills to succeed in the global context.

A tradition of success and innovation

Following the introduction of the Berlitz® Method in 1878, Berlitz continues revolutionizing language instruction in the world. Berlitz is also leader in the development of intercultural skills and executive negotiating as it has programs designed to manage diversity and promote similarities in order to obtain maximum performance.

Berlitz was the first company to implement multiple teaching modalities, also offering the possibility to take courses on the Internet with the latest cutting edge and high quality technology.

Berlitz makes a difference

By choosing Berlitz, you will have interesting and updated material in all forms of instruction, from face to face in a Berlitz Center or abroad, virtually or combining both programs.

Berlitz offers:

  • 100% Berlitz® Conversational Method.
  • Wide range of services in language teaching and Global Leadership.
  • Global presence in over 70 countries.
  • Multiple ways of teaching..
  • Learning and personalized content in individual classes or in small groups.
  • Teaching Quality with  more than 130 years of experience